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Our Team

TomBio Tom Milnes
President and General Manager
Tom is President and General Manager and cofounder of L3 Open Water Power. Tomwas previously CTO and co-founder of consumer scanning company Viztu Technologies, which democratized high-tech 3D-scanning technologies. Tom sold Viztu to 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) in 2012. Prior to Viztu, Tom worked with his future PhD advisor Doug Hart at dental scanning start-up Brontes Technologies, which was acquired by 3M (NYSE: MMM) for $95M in 2006. Tom holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Cornell, a master's degree in applied mathematics from Harvard and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.
David Porter
Director of Engineering
David has a background in both project management and technical engineering. His past experience includes operations and management consulting at Stroud Consulting, and design/race engineering on the Nissan Le Mans Prototype (LMP1) racing team. David serves as lead program manager for L3 OWP while also contributing to engineering development and fundamental research. He holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Cornell.
Dustin Alinger
Director of Electrical Engineering
Dustin is a hardware engineer with experience at start-ups spanning multiple industries. Most recently he was at WiTricity, an MIT spinout that is commercializing a highly efficient form of wireless power transfer, where he worked in the R&D department on advanced projects. Prior to that he was lead hardware designer for the RINGS project, a technology demonstrator experiment that launched to the International Space Station in 2013. Dustin holds BS and MS degrees in aerospace engineering from the University of Maryland College Park.
Don Aubrecht
Director of Systems Engineering
Don is an experienced project manager and system engineer, most recently at Physical Sciences, Inc. Don was a consultant for Open Water Power during the company's early development, contributing CFD insight for the battery cell design.  He holds a BS in engineering physicals from Cornell University, an MS and PhD in Applied Physics from Harvard University, and completed his postdoctoral research at Harvard University.
Rory Doherty
Program Lead
Rory has a background in Program Management, Capture and Business Development. His past experience includes Capture Management and Business Development at Textron Systems. Rory serves as Program Lead for L3 OWP responsible for Business Development and Proposal Management while also contributing to Program Management. He holds a BS in Business from Babson College and a MBA from Boston College.
Erik Herold
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Erik is an experienced mechanical engineer with a strong background in mechanical design, specifically in remote power generation and fluidic systems. His experience includes microfluidic chemical sensor design at ECI Biotech; thin film material characterization at the Boston University Nano Heat Transfer Lab; industrial materials processing/manufacturing systems design at TevTech LLC; and design of small gas turbines for remote power generation at Dynamo Micropower, where he was the lead mechanical engineer. Erik has pending patents on gas turbine mechanical design and system architecture. Erik holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Boston University.
Branko Zugic
Director of Chemical Engineering
Prior to joining L3 Open Water Power Branko was a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University, where he studied the catalytic properties of nanostructured gold-based alloys and led a collaborative team of researchers from laboratories and institutes across the country. He has extensive experience in the development of nanomaterials for clean energy applications. Branko holds a BS from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and a PhD from Tufts University, both in chemical engineering.
Senior Consultants
IanBioPhoto Ian Salmon McKay
Senior Science Consultant
Ian is the chief science officer and cofounder of L3 Open Water Power. Ian’s past work covers a range of energy-related topics, with a focus on interfacial processes in primary batteries. Since 2011, he has focused on the incredible potential of aluminum metal as an anode material for energy storage and conversion. Ian is the first inventor on most of the patent applications in L3 Open Water Power’s IP portfolio. He holds BS and MS degrees in mechanical engineering from MIT, and is a Hertz Fellow and PhD candidate in chemical engineering at Stanford.
Simone Agha
Firmware Engineer
Massachusetts Institute
of Technology
Fernando Arias
Engineering Technician
University of Santiago
Jesse Benck
Senior Scientist
Stanford University, PhD
Northwestern University
Andrew Crampton
Senior Scientist
Technical University of Munich, PhD
University of Vermont
Bob Diamond
Electrical Test Engineer
Northshore Community College
Chris Kennedy
Mechanical Engineer
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Jason Kovacs
Principal Engineer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PhD
Georgia Institute of Technology
Larry Nash
Engineering Technician
University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Leah Nortrup
Office Specialist
Suffolk University
Rob Oppen
Senior FirmwareEngineer
Northeastern University
Boston University
Sean O'Quinn
Manufacturing Engineer
Boston University
Matt Pavlos
Mechanical Engineer
University of Rochester
Chris Puglia
Electrical Engineer
Northeastern University
Jim Riley
Engineering Technician 
Mount Washington University
Will Stinson
Research Associate
Northeastern University
Sof Taamallah
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PhD
Ecole Des Mines Ecole Polytechnique
Ari Umans
Mechanical Engineer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Anne Zehr
Office Manager
Purdue University